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Letters From The Edge:

At Sea 29 November 1999

At Sea 28 November 1999
"I'm very happy because for the first time in weeks there is not a headwind of any kind!"

At Sea 26 November 1999
"The good news is I AM rowing again"

At Sea 24 November 1999
Thanksgiving Message

At Sea 22 November 1999
"the eye of the former hurricane to pass DIRECTLY over my position"

At Sea 19 November 1999
"I remember in vivid detail each aspect of Hurricane Danielle"

At Sea 16 November 1999
"I feel as if I have been body-slammed by the Governor of Minnesota"

At Sea 14 November 1999
"There will be no progress today"

At Sea 13 November 1999
"There is a passage in Homer's Odyssey, where Odysseus sits and weeps"

At Sea 12 November 1999
"This was perhaps my worst day in this journey"

At Sea 10 November 1999
"I saw a butterfly today"

At Sea 8 November 1999
"The pearl is a symbol of internal change"

At Sea 7 November 1999
"Otter Boxes are the best new item on board"

At Sea 5 November 1999
Letter To Diana Hoff

At Sea 3 November 1999
"At times wind from the south seemed to blow the rain horizontal"

At Sea 2 November 1999
"The sound you hear is Rene Descartes rolling in his grave"

At Sea 1 November 1999
"As I cooked dinner, dolphins arrived for a visit"

At Sea 30 October 1999
"I saw a swordfish the length of a grand piano"

At Sea 28 October 1999
"I saw a rainbow created by the moon."

At Sea 26 October 1999
"I've been burgled, robbed, by one pirate named James Boswell"

At Sea 23 October 1999
"I always wondered how Cinderella felt the
morning after the ball."

At Sea 22 October 1999

At Sea 18 October 1999

At Sea 15 October 1999

At Sea 11 October 1999

At Sea 10 October 1999

At Sea 7 October 1999

At Sea 4 October 1999

At Sea 30 September 1999

At Sea 29 September 1999

At Sea 25 September 1999

At Sea 22 September 1999

At Sea 16 September 1999

Canary Islands 12 September 1999

Louisville, Kentucky USA 4 September 1999

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